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Voices of Reflection: NPR Special Coverage
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After 9/11: The New War on Terror
NPR News
Host Susan Stamberg examines the war on terrorism's impact on U.S. foreign policy, surveillance technology and domestic FBI tactics. Mike Shuster reports on a growing U.S. commitment to "go it alone." Christopher Joyce reviews the government's push for technology to prevent future terrorist attacks. And Barbara Bradley studies the impact of post-9/11 FBI tactics on civil liberties. (1:00:00)

Changed New York
WNYC - New York, NY
As New York rebuilds after 9/11, a deep sense of loss remains. We'll hear from neighbors who have grown closer; people whose fear of another attack rules their lives; Ground Zero volunteers who yearn for the intensity of their experience even as they suffer from post-traumatic stress and physical health effects. (1:00:00)

Photo: Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division, FSA-OWI Collection, LC-USW3-018529-D DLC
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Days of Infamy: December 7 & 9-11
American RadioWorks, St. Paul, MN and The Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University
Twice in living memory, the Library of Congress has collected recordings of Americans reacting to a surprise attack — following Pearl Harbor and after September 11. These tapes, some broadcast here for the first time, provide a powerful look at our nation and culture in crisis across sixty years. (1:00:00)

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Defending the Future
WAMU/Soundprint - Washington, DC
When American Airlines Flight 77 flew into the Pentagon on September 11, it attacked the heart of this country's armed forces. From Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld to the greenest recruit at Parris Island, Defending the Future examines the outlook for America's fighting forces a year after the terrorist attacks of 9/11. (59:00)

Fighting the "Just" War
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Fighting the "Just" War
WPSU - State College, PA
In the aftermath of September 11, the country prepared to retaliate. From media coverage, it would appear that virtually all Americans support the War on Terror. They don't. In Fighting the "Just" War, you'll meet victims' family members, clergy, activists, and children, all opposed to using war to fight terror. (29:00)

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A Need to Belong: Citizenship in a Post-9/11 America
KQED - Northern California
A Need to Belong explores patriotism and the place of loyalty and dissent in our changed world. We probe the by-products of our fear, including a new vulnerability among immigrants and strained relations among new and long-time citizens. We'll examine the American image and the ideal of American citizenship worldwide. (1:00:00)

Eric Kolvig during the taping of <em>Peace Talks</em>
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Peace Talks: Making Peace With Ourselves Since 9-11
Cedar Creek Studios and KUNM - Albuquerque, NM
In a town hall recorded in Albuquerque, host Suzanne Kryder talks with meditation teacher Eric Kolvig and therapist Reyna Luna about coping with inner conflict both after 9-11 and in everyday life. Producer Paul Ingles profiles work that psychologists and counselors are doing since September 11th. (59:00)

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A Portrait of Hedab
KPCC - Pasadena, CA
KPCC gave Hedab El Tarifi a tape recorder soon after September 11 to keep track of the events that shaped her world as a Muslim and a Palestinian in Los Angeles throughout the last year. The result is A Portrait of Hedab, her half-hour audio diary. (30:00)

Photo: Mel Evans / The Record
Reclaiming Hope...In a Changed World
Robert Parish - Cincinnati, OH
How can people rediscover meaning and hope after traumatic events? Trauma experts say that healing is possible and can take many forms. Four segments explore coping, resiliency and the recovery of hope. (1:00:00)

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Lost and Found Sound's
Sonic Memorial Special
In this intimate, historic, sound-rich documentary, narrator Paul Auster weaves together voicemails, on-site recordings, oral histories, remembrances and stories collected from NPR's Sonic Memorial phone line. (59:00)

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The Spiritual Fallout of 9/11
Minnesota Public Radio, KNOW, St. Paul, MN
We delve into uncomfortable religious and moral questions that the September 2001 terrorist attacks raised—questions of meaning that Americans have only begun to ponder one year later. Also, a riveting first-person account of the religious life that grew up at and around Ground Zero and was largely hidden from news reporting. (58:50)

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Unfriendly Skies
WBUR - Boston, MA
WBUR's documentary on aviation security starts at Logan Airport where two of the hijacked planes took off on September 11. Since that day, air travel has changed forever, but questions remain whether government and the travel industry have taken the right steps to protect passengers and the country. (58:59)

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We Were on Duty
rlpaulproductions and Soundprint Media Center, Washington, DC
We Were on Duty is an oral history of the survivors who were on duty at the Pentagon on September 11. In their own words, you'll hear of their harrowing escape, the ordeals of their burn treatments; and how they've turned to heaven, their families and their military training to pull them through. (1:00:00)

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The Capitalist and the Theologian
AARP Radio - Washington, DC
When economist Knight Kiplinger and divinity professor Harvey Cox first met days after 9/11, they predicted major shifts in American attitudes as a result of the tragedy. Now they say they were wrong. Reunited a year later, they update their unique and compelling perspectives. (59:00)

Rising Daily From the Ashes
Ginger Miles - New York, NY
On the morning of Sept. 11, 2001, NPR listeners heard producer Ginger Miles describe the World Trade Center Towers crumbling as she watched from her kitchen window a block away. This is her story of what happened to her building, her neighbors, and her world in the year following. (29:00)

Studio 360: Memorials and Memory
WNYC - New York, NY
What do you remember a year after Sept. 11, 2001? Studio 360 looks at the human desire to make present what has been lost, finding joy and sadness in painting, poetry, and totem poles. Also, we look at how music and memory intersect after a catastrophe. (59:00)

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