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Melodies of the Soul
WFUV - New York, NY
Since 9/11, professional singer-songwriters, especially those with New York ties, have re-examined their art form and its power to console. Many have written songs inspired by the attacks. This feature includes songs and comments from Suzanne Vega, Lucy Kaplansky, Dan Bern, Loudon Wainwright III, and Richard Shindell. (7:30)

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Music By the People, For the People
WFUV - New York, NY
Like other radio stations, WFUV in New York City received hundreds of amateur recordings of songs written in response to 9/11. While some are difficult to listen to, they all represent a return to the original spirit of folk music as a personal chronicle of human events. (5:00)

Surviving Survival
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A Sound & Spirit September 11th Special
Surviving Survival
WGBH - Boston, MA
Every day we hear about survivors - survivors of horror, of domestic violence or poverty. But how do we survive our own survival? Surviving Survival is this week's special broadcast of Sound & Spirit, and focuses on the survivor's search for solace and a purpose, and the art, music, and faith that helps them on that journey. (58:44)

A scene from the play <em>The Guys</em> by Anne Nelson. Photo: Mauritzio Bacci at Studio Babaldi.
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Unscripted - A Theatre Community Responds to 9/11
NJN, New Jersey Public Radio, Trenton, NJ
Unscripted examines how critical issues can be addressed on stage during times of crisis. The program includes excerpts from a discussion of theatre professionals at the Crossroads Theatre in New Jersey. Unscripted also includes interviews with playwrights and excerpts from current productions in the New York and New Jersey area. (59:00)

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The Writing on the Wall
WFUV - New York, NY
Many of the makeshift memorials that sprang up throughout New York City following 9/11 -- mostly temporary shrines, including candles and flowers -- are giving way to more lasting murals. This is the story behind the paintings, and how residents feel about them. (5:00)

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Studio 360: Memorials and Memory
WNYC - New York, NY
What do you remember a year after Sept. 11, 2001? Studio 360 looks at the human desire to make present what has been lost, finding joy and sadness in painting, poetry, and totem poles. Also, we look at how music and memory intersect after a catastrophe. (59:00)

A Day When We All Were Sad: Painter Nicole Eisenman
Karen Michel
In one compelling radio minute, internationally recognized artist Nicole Eisenman describes her visual and visceral response to events just blocks from her studio and home in Manhattan's Chinatown. (1:00)

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