Understanding America after 9/11

A collaboration of public radio stations and producers

The following public radio stations, production houses and independent producers have contributed programs to Understanding America after 9/11, a week-long collaborative effort of public radio stations nationwide. They are a diverse group and their work is like a prism, revealing the different shades of our reactions to September 11.

1stperson.org, Portland, OR
American RadioWorks, MPR, St. Paul, MN
BBC World Service, United Kingdom
Cedar Creek Studios, Austin, TX
Center for Documentary Studies, Durham, NC
Empowerment Productions, Denver, CO
First Person, MPR, St. Paul, MN
Great Lakes Radio Consortium, Ann Arbor, MI
KCUR, Kansas City, MO
KERA, Dallas, TX
KGOU, Norman, OK
KPCC, Los Angeles, CA
KQED, San Francisco, CA
KUER, Salt Lake City, UT
KUNM, Albuquerque, NM
KVMR, Nevada City, CA
Karen Michel, New York, NY
Michigan Radio, Ann Harbor, MI
Ginger Miles, New York, NY
MPR, St. Paul, MN
NJN, New Jersey Network Public Radio, Trenton, NJ
NPR, National Public Radio, Washington, DC
Oregon Public Broadcasting, Portland, OR
Robert Parish, Cincinnati, OH
Pennsylvania Public Radio, Harrisburg, PA
PRI's Studio 360, WNYC, New York, NY
Prime Time Radio, Washington, DC
rlpaulproductions, LLC, Washington, DC
Rock & Roots, Accord, NY
Soundprint Productions, Laurel, MD
Sound & Spirit, WGBH, Boston, MA
Tempest Studios, Homer, AK
The Sonic Memorial Project, Lost & Found Sound, San Francisco, CA
WAMU, Washington, D.C.
WBUR, Boston, MA
WFUV, New York, NY
WILL, Urbana, IL
WITF, Harrisburg, PA
WNPR, Connecticut Public Radio, Hartford, CT
WNYC, New York, NY
WPSU, University Park, PA

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  Major funding for Understanding America after 9/11 is provided by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

Photo Above: Mel Evans/The Record

UnderstandingAmerica.org is comprised of the collective work of public radio stations, producers and networks around the world. Copyright to individual programs is held by the producing entity. All other copyrights are held by Minnesota Public Radio, 2002. All right reserved.